Sleep Less Knit More!

Isn’t it amazing how much one could accomplish if it were not for the necessity of sleep?  Have you ever awakened at 4:00 am and had a stream of thoughts pour from your semi-conscious brain only to vex you with the question, “Why am I lying here tossing and turning when there’s so much to do?”

The excitement of the trip to Germany in just a few days has me revved up and panicked that I will forget something.

The Helmstedt Strickfest is the first weekend, May 8th, 9th, and 10th. Courses in Swing-Knitting™ will be given every day.

Helmstedt Castle

Petra Neuman, owner of Der Kreativladen (The Creative Shop), is coordinating the event.  Heidrun Liegmann of Magische Maschen (Magical Stitches) and Swing-Knitting™, Birgit Fitzke of Fadenzauberein (Yarn Magic), and Michaela of LanArta will be teaching courses at the three-day event. These people can be found on

Heidrun Liegmann, Magische Maschen, 2015

From what has been posted, there are 60 participants, five of which are coming from the United States.

Nametags for Helmstedt event