Swing Knits & Yarn Bird Fibers

Yarn-Birds-1.jpgAbout two months ago, I had the privilege of teaching at Yarn Bird Fibers in Lake Palmer, Colorado.  Kathy Sorensen Crivello invited me to give a Swing-Knitting™ workshop the first weekend in March which I gladly accepted.  She is such a lovely person and so are her associates!

Yarn Bird Fibers is not only an inviting shop, it is full of colors and textures and of course, bird décor.  The assortment of yarns is wonderful and bountiful---yarn for every kind of project.  Not only do they offer knitting and crocheting, they offer spinning classes too!

The students were ready to have fun and mastered the projects in lightening speed.  Once of the participants was Peggy Doney, a master fiber artist, hand-dyer, spinner, and knitter.  Peggy’s The 100th Sheep, can tell you more about her diversity and art.

Swing Knits class at Yarn BirdsAs the students were working on their projects, we could hear expressions of delight.  Carolyn had a “happy dance” moment while seated which we were able to capture on video.

Once I get back to Colorado, I will definitely take a drive back to Yarn Bird Fibers to visit with my friends and of course, pick up some more yarn!  I may have to take a yarn dyeing class from Peggy too.


Hand-dyed yarns by Yarn Birds.
Selecting the right yarn for a swing knitting project.