Swing Knits® — Yarn In Motion™

Swing Knits is the go-to site for the short row knitting technique that allows you to create some of the most beautiful, dynamic wearable art. The name derives from Swing-Knitting™, an expression that describes knitting yarn in a back-and-forth motion to create curvy areas separated by a stitch pattern change.

Brigitte Elliott’s trademarked designs, patterns and instructions implement a German short row technique that is both mathematical and free-form. Though it might look complicated, Brigitte prides herself on painstakingly detailing instructions so any knitter can learn this craft.


Swing Knits offers unique patterns in wearable fabric canvases such as skirts, vests, hats, shawls, and also wall art that create a magical melody with each finished work. Brigitte guarantees that you will begin to look at yarn differently once you learn this technique.

Watch Brigitte provide an innovative approach to short-row knitting.

What We Do



To really understand the myriad of ways you can apply this technique, it helps to see some of Brigitte’s original creations, as well as those of students who have taken her weekend courses.



Have you seen enough to know you MUST learn how to do this?  There’s no better way than to take one of Brigitte’s weekend courses.  Not only will you learn from a great teacher, but she promises to bring joy and laughter as well.  The workshops sell out, so book now!


Student Successes

Knitters leave Brigitte’s classes thrilled and excited to begin creating.  They are fully equipped with not only the tools to start their own Swing Knits® projects, but new tricks that apply to any knitting project.

Meet Brigitte:

Wife, mom, alpaca lover, Jesus follower, amazing home cook, celebrity knitter … these are just some of the words that describe Brigitte Elliott.  If you want to get to know the person behind these Swing Knits® designs, keep reading and feel free to contact her. She loves to hear from her fellow knitters!