Brigitte Elliott has been knitting since age nine, when curiosity for the craft blossomed after watching her mother knit a skirt for her.  Brigitte’s Brownie troop crocheted potholders that same year, and the needles became artful tools to expand her creativity.

In high school, Brigitte suffered a serious injury in a car accident.  Impressed by the kindness and care she received, she pursued a degree in medical assisting, followed by classes in fine art – her other passion.

Around that time, Brigitte met her husband, a practicing orthodontist, who eventually put her assisting skills to the test in his office. The demands of raising three children, managing a practice, and helping with the care of her mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease left little time for her passion for art; however, when she could, she collected tattered antique quilts and turned them into new, artful creations. Occasionally, Brigitte also “picked up the sticks,” allowing them to be a therapeutic and creative outlet as well.

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About five years ago, when her kids were grown and her husband retired, a longtime friend invited Brigitte to visit an alpaca ranch and fiber mill.  That was all it took to get “hooked” on knitting again.  She took a specialized, German short row knitting course from the technique’s creator, Gabriele Kluge, in Germany in 2010.  The rest is history.  She now has 10 alpacas, lots of yarn, and five years of constant knitting under her belt.  Brigitte teaches Swing-Knitting™ style courses across the United States, and she continues writing patterns for various knitting publications, including Knitter’s Magazine and Skacel’s Magalogue.  She continually features new works of art on her Web site,  Because she has a caring heart for others, is a great teacher, and is passionate about knitting, this later-in-life career is more than she could have imagined.

Aside from knitting, the greatest things Brigitte has learned in life are:

  • Enjoy every day.
  • Spend time with people you like and love.
  • Learn to love the unlovable.
  • A great attitude is the best garment.
  • Use adversity as an opportunity.
  • Learn how to give abundantly and receive graciously.
  • Live by the Platinum Rule.
  • Do more listening than talking.
  • Learn to be content and grateful.
  • If you are reluctant to forgive, realize there is Someone who has already done that for you.
  • Always remember to thank the Giver of all good gifts.

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If you’d like to contact Brigitte, you can e-mail her at (This should become Brigitte or  Additionally, be sure to check the site often, as she regularly updates her class schedule and posts blogs here about new happenings in the knitting community.