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SwingKnits Classes & Workshops

Take advantage of these classes and workshops to perfect the swing knitting technique. Workshops and classes are for the beginning to advanced swing knitter. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Essential Tools:  Valuable Elements for a Knitter’s “Toolbox” (A Primer for Swing-Knitting™)

  • 3-4 hour technique workshop  
  • Proper marker placement in fabric for lockable stitch markers
  • Trapping yarn 
  • Double stitch
  • Weaving/Knitting in ends of yarn simultaneously
  • Creating uniform sides of the fabric when using different stitches
  • The infinite possibilities of a provisional cast on

Lesson One:  An Introduction to Swing-Knitting™

  • 5-6 hour project workshop (scarf, cowl, hat, wrist warmer, etc.)
  • Understanding the terminology and marking system of Swing-Knitting™
  • Creating short row areas from the front and back of the fabric
  • Applying “new” techniques for life-long knitting

A Taste of Swing-Knitting™

  • 3-4 hour project workshop (sock top, scarf, or cowl)
  • Creating a fabric that has “movement” and structure
  • Simultaneously utilizing the marking system from right and wrong sides of the fabric

Lesson Two: Learning the Nuances of Morphing Short Rows

(Lesson One or a Taste of Swing-Knitting™ is a pre-requisite.)

  • 5-6 hour project workshop (pillow, wrap, table runner, panel, etc.)
  • Integrating short rows by following a formula that morph shapes
  • A “spring board” to designing
  • Discover the fun using artistic elements in the fabric.

Working Short Rows Diagonally

(Lesson Two is a pre-requisite.)

  • 3-4 hour technique workshop
  • Free-styling short rows on the diagonal
  • Pre-planning the edges and finish of the fabric

A Sampler of Various Formulas

(Lesson One or a Taste of Swing-Knitting™ is a pre-requisite.)

  • 3-4 hour technique workshop
  • Discovering the shapes of different formulas
  • Applying a variety of formulas in the sampler fabric

A Study of Fabulous Furrows

  • 3-4 hour technique workshop
  • Experimenting with different Furrows* to add more design elements
  • Samples can be used in projects
  • Can be applied to all types of knitting

*Furrows are those linear areas which define and separate the sculpted, short row areas of Swing-Knitting™.

Doing the Math for Designing Short Row Patterning

(Lesson One or A Taste of Swing Knitting™ is a pre-requisite.)

  • 3-4 hour technique workshop
  • Designing areas of interest for projects
  • Working with formulas that have a finite outcome

Mirror Imaging Short Rows for Design

(Lesson One or A Taste of Swing Knitting™ is a pre-requisite.)

  • 3-4 hour technique workshop  
  • Understanding the “how to’s” of creating Fields and shapes with short rows
  • Mirror imaging the patterning of short rows for design

Designs That Work Well with “Swing-Knitting™

(Lesson Two is a pre-requisite.)

  • 3-4 hour class
  • An overview of existing patterns the lend themselves to short row knitting
  • Adding “Swing” elements to jazz up a design

Teaching the Dreambird to "Fly"

(A copy of Nadita's pattern must be purchased and brought to class.)

  • 3-4 hour project workshop (shawl)
  • How to use short row directionality to create design (feathers)
  • How to use short rows to fill in areas

Autumn Fusion Shawl

  • 3-4 hour project workshop (shawl, scarf)
  • Learn a few “tricks” for even edges

Understanding a few design elements which make the project personal and unique

Magical Moebius Swing-Style

  • 3-4 hour project workshop (moebius wrap)
  • Learn a moebius cast on
  • Understanding how to stagger short row areas evenly to “mirror image” over the wrap
  • Creating a Furrow which is identical on front and back of fabric

Streamlines Stole

(Found in Knitter's Magazine, hard copy or digital)

  • 3-4 hour project workshop (stole, shawl, wrap)
  • Learning a Provisional Cast On as a design tool
  • Adding variety of texture in the shapes of short row Fields